every computer in the internet, both servers (i.e. a website) and clients (i.e. a computer connected to the internet) has a unique number. it is allways divided in 4 parts by a dot. each part is between 0 and 255.
ipic generates a squared image (255x255px) out of this numbers and draws a rhomb in it. its corners are the values of the 4 parts of the ip.
below is an example from the botnik ip (
the background-color is the result of the first part from the ip used as a rgb greyscale: rgb(89,89,89). the color of the rhomb are the last 3 parts from the ip used as a rgb color rgb(107,187,11)

this is the code, writen in php:

$ip = $_SESSION["ip"];
$ips = explode(".",$ip);
$image = imagecreate(255, 255);
$farbe_border = imagecolorallocate($image,$ips[1],$ips[2],$ips[3]);
$farbe_ip = imagecolorallocate($image,$ips[1],$ips[2],$ips[3]);
$ips2 = 255 - $ips[2];
$ips3 = 255 - $ips[3];
$mess_p = array($ips[0],0,255,$ips[1],$ips2,255,0,$ips3);
imagefilledpolygon($image, $mess_p, 4 , $farbe_ip);
header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');

it is very simple...